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Financial Services

About Us

The Copper Country is not only a great geography to work, it’s a great place to live. At Incredible Bank Houghton & Calumet you’ll find a team of three dedicated financial specialists, one of which specializes in rural development lending. Our locations include safe deposit boxes and a beautiful conference room open for customers to use for client meetings. The building was renovated in 2016 to help us deliver an Incredible Customer Experience and we welcome you to stop in and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the Mining Gazette in front of the fireplace.

Incredible Bank Houghton and Calumet regularly participated in Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce events, volunteers time with and donate dollars to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly, and hosts community education events that help our business customers and local entrepreneurs be the best they can be. We’ve developed relationships with our customers not only to help with financial management, but also to discuss favorite fishing holes, waterfall hiking trails and side-by-side tours. We take the time to visit our customers at their place of business and on their timeline to make it easy to do business with Incredible Bank.

Stop by the Houghton or Calumet location to take advantage of our expertise in home lending, business banking, consumer loans, checking, savings, credit and debit cards and all lines of insurance. We’re here to help you succeed!