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IT Coordinator

Posted: 02/20/2023

The Keweenaw Co-op is the area's leading natural food/products retailer. The IT Coordinator is responsible for maintaining Information Technology systems of the Co-op, administration of daily IT operations and procedures, and improving IT processes to support business objectives. This role supports IT systems while maintaining compliance with internal policies and procedures. THE CO-OP WILL RELOCATE IN WINTER 2023 AND THIS INDIVIDUAL WILL BE INSTRUMENTAL IN THE IT COORDINATION FOR OUR NEW FACILITY.


Information Technology Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities Include

  • Coordinate Information Technology for the business 

  • Administer IT Systems: Point-of-Sale System, Google Workspace, Keeper Security and other IT Systems/Databases

  • Provide on-site assistance for our external technical support; facilitate help desk communications

  • Coordinate purchasing of IT Hardware and Software; set-up and install as needed

  • Maintain Phone and Intercom Systems 

  • Maintain Databases

Essential Responsibilities and Functions

Manage the IT Department, Staff and Consultants

  1. Coordinate the IT Department, Staff and Consultants

  2. Maintain individual and IT Team drives for data retention

  3. Maintain Databases including data entry and audits: Point-of-Sale; Customer/Owner; Email

  4. Maintain and create User Guides and SOPs for IT systems

  5. Assist with annual IT budget development

  6. Network with other Cooperative IT departments; be an active participant in NCG Co-op IT Forums or assigned conferences


IT Systems Administration

  1. Coordinate with External IT Service Provider for maintenance and troubleshooting of Network, Security and other IT Systems

  2. Be the Point-of-Sale Administrator for ECRS Catapult 

  • Maintain support tickets for Catapult and POS hardware

  • Monitor ECRS communications

  • Administer employee access

  • Perform admin tasks as needed for POS functions; promotions; programs; integrated systems 

  • Oversee database integrity; import and export data for external access

  • Update Customer Owner records and files

  • Coordinate procedures and training for staff on POS hardware and software

        3. Google Workspace (GW) Administration:

  • Maintain and set up User Accounts, Groups and Drives access

  • Maintain our internal staff website; shared online newsletters/ journals, links, forms, etc.

  • Configure GW Apps and Extensions

        4. Administer other IT Systems and Software

  • Maintain licenses and coordinate service billing

  • Maintain and create user accounts or shared access as needed


IT hardware

  1. Install and maintain all Chromebooks, PCs, tablets, printers, POS equipment, hand-held ordering devices, phones, and associated peripherals

  2. Assist with troubleshooting device problems

  3. Provide on-site facilitation for external IT service provider 

  4. Maintain administrative, individual or shared user accounts and printer access on all devices