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Grocery Meat Specialist

Posted: 06/10/2024

The Meat Specialist is part of our Fresh team, which provides nutritious and beautiful fresh and prepared foods to our community. The responsibility of the Meat Specialist includes ensuring and delivering best in class customer service while following the Keweenaw Co+op’s policies and procedures in performing the duties of meat and seafood cutting, wrapping, ordering and receiving. The Meat Specialist is responsible for the maintaining, rotating (FIFO), and setting/breaking down of all meat retail case displays. The Meat Specialist will perform sanitation duties to ensure all equipment, floors, walls and ceilings are clean and sanitary while maintaining and following standards in food safety/sanitation set forth by regulatory authorities and Keweenaw Co+op. 


Essential Responsibilities and Functions

CUSTOMER SERVICE: provide a positive customer experience through the following:

  1. Uphold Keweenaw Co+op Customer Service Commitment, providing internal/external customer service.

  2. Oversee a production team that produces food that is safe, delicious, attractive and meets the needs of our customers.

  3. Work with the Fresh Manager to provide meat selection that is reflective of product and pricing mix strategy, and satisfies our customers.

  4. Maintain familiarity with all areas of the store in order to best assist customers.

  5. Use appropriate phone/intercom and interpersonal etiquette.

  6. Communicate in a clear, direct, and respectful manner.

SUPERVISION & LEADERSHIP: manage and lead a production team during the shift that meets the Personnel Policy Manual, Health Department and other oversight requirements. Expectation of Labor KPIs.

  1. Supervise Department Cooperators and guide production during shifts.

  2. Lead staff in assigned areas, as they are scheduled, to meet production goals.

    1. Assign work according to the needs of the store.

    2. Assist with break coverage.

    3. Report schedule changes to the MOD, and document pertinent conversations regarding tardiness or absence.

  3. Train department staff to meet standards of productivity, safety and service and hold accountable for meeting the standards. 

  4. Use HR tools for staff performance, reviews, and attendance.

  5. Oversee the safety of our staff and customers.

  6. Model honest and open communication within our store.

  7. Model compliance of our established Personnel Policies.

MEAT OPERATIONS: have a compliant, efficient meat department

  1. Oversee department production and cleaning schedules. 

  2. Train and create a culture of food safety/cleanliness in the department. Keep work and storage areas in clean, orderly condition, meeting Health Department regulations.

  3. Prioritize staff task lists, with daily inventories of product, production logs, and coordination of meat and prepared foods needs.

  4. Maintain constant awareness of product expiration dates and FIFO rotating requirements. 

  5. Consistently evaluate, validate and record department shrink.

  6. Validate that products received are wholesome, unadulterated and at temperatures required to support food safety.

  7. Conduct routine time and temperature checks for all equipment.

  8. Adhere to all safety, health, and Weights and Measures regulations.

  9. Perform routine sanitation of all equipment and retail cases.

  10. Maintain department equipment in good working order. 


  1. Work with Fresh Manager to create a strategic plan that includes product, pricing, sales and execution metrics.

  2. Assist in ordering, purchasing and overseeing products within the department as budgeted, including:  lunch meat, fresh meat, poultry, frozen, dry goods, seafood and supplies.

  3. Maintain department margin goals through accurate cost/pricing systems (ChefTec).

  4. Ensure accurate costs, margins and data in the Point of Sale (POS) system.

  5. Coordinate with the Inventory Management Coordinator for correct receiving, invoicing, and credits.

  6. Manage multiple suppliers and look for favorable pricing, terms, quality and delivery.


  1. Maintain attractive displays and accurate shelf tags, product labels and signs. 

  2. Partner with Fresh Manager to help implement planned promotions

  3. Attend trade shows and professional development conferences as assigned.

  4. Participate in Promotions team discussions as requested

  5. Read weekly NCG Fresh Updates, and follow NCG best practices.

  6. Provide product information to customers and staff.

  7. Coordinate regularly scheduled sampling and demos with the Fresh department

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: work efficiently using prescribed tools and meet all KPIs.

  1. Employ store technologies for management and communication, including Google Workspace, Paylocity, departmental journals, ECRS Catapult, and ChefTec.

  2. Work towards KPI goals for sales growth, achieved margin, SPLH for the Prepared Foods Department. 

  3. Assist during Health Department Inspections.

  4. Support the goals and objectives of the General Manager and Support Team.

  5. Communicate customer needs that you cannot answer to Manager on Duty (MOD).

  6. Assist with periodic inventory counts.

  7. Contribute to Job Safety Analysis to determine if our processes may be improved.

Other duties as assigned.