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Full Time Experienced Baker

Posted: 06/10/2024

Goal: Our prepared foods team seeks an experienced baker to work in our production kitchen. The role involves training, and replenishment ordering needed to support prepared foods operations and keep bakery cases full. Our prepared foods department prepares large batches of the delicious baked goods we sell in our deli. They work cooperatively with the public, vendors, staff, and supervisors. They keep a positive and are solution oriented. They help maintain a consistently positive shopping experience for customers.


  1. Provides outstanding internal and external service.
  2. Fulfills daily cleaning tasks, cleanup/upkeep of personal areas, and periodic cleaning.
  3. Shares ideas to improve customer service.
  4. Works with special orders for the bakery.
  5. Offers samples, suggestions and product information to customers.
  6. Maintains familiarity with all areas of the store.
  7. Responds to requests from customers to research product availability, price and quality issues.


  1. Works with Manager/Coordinators to ensure purchasing for bakery; ensures orders are received/credited following established procedures. Pulls product, installs signage and follows up with vendors regarding product recalls.
  2. Follows trends, does research and uses data to ensure optimal product mix and pricing.
  3. Ensures that unsellable items are recorded and returned or disposed of.
  4. Communicates needs of Owners and customers to Supervisors.
  5. Maintains accurate pricing for profitability.
  6. Completes periodic inventory counts.


  1. Oversees baked goods, makes replenishment purchases in coordination with Fresh department.
  2. Coordinates area floor plan and display cases and sale/sale changeovers.
  3. Supports periodic category resets/store wide plans.
  4. Maintains attractive displays and accurate sales tags and sale signs for bakery products.
  5. Works with Marketing and Fresh Department to ensure accurate, up-to-date product signage.
  6. Provides product information to customers.


  1. Works with all levels of Co-op staff in a manner that supports Co-op growth.
  2. Plans and coordinates bakery schedules according to store needs and anticipated demand.
  3. Coordinates production/cleaning schedule, meeting Health Department and customer service standards.
  4. Takes training as designed for the position, and supports training plans for staff according to role.
  5. Keeps accurate records.
  6. Takes the lead during opening and closing shifts.


  1. Attends meetings as assigned.
  2. Accountable for departmental and store-wide communication systems, including emails, logs, whiteboards, etc.
  3. Maintains correspondence with staff, vendors, customers, and Owners through email, phone, etc.
  4. Maintains departmental information on team drives and follows organizational protocol for shared calendars, schedules.
  5. Reviews area operations and recommends changes in, or better utilization of resources.
  6. Communicates and coordinates departmental needs with Manager and Coordinators.


  1. Accountable for area personnel and assisting with human resources or supervision.
  2. Completes store checklists regarding state of the store, safety, and cleaning, on a scheduled basis.
  3. Role models conflict resolution and safety procedures.
  4. Models and works to ensure honest and open lines of communication within and among departments and staff.
  5. Communicates in a clear, direct, and respectful manner.
  6. Complies with established policies, procedures, customer service standards and guidelines.
  7. Models organizational service goals and standards.

Performs other duties as assigned.