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Skilled Laborer

LJJ Construction, LLC, a commercial and industrial building contractor, is seeking to hire full-time laborers and skilled trades to join their team in Houghton, MI.  
LJJ offers competitive wages, starting at $20/hour based on experience. Benefit packages (including health insurance, paid vacation, and retirement plans)  are also available. Final candidates may be required to undergo a background check, credit check and drug screen.
Experience in the trades is highly preferred. Please list any certifications in your application. 
LJJ Construction, LLC is an equal opportunity Employer. 
Link to Apply:*n2h0vj*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2OTA5MTc0MzcuQ2owS0NRancycUttQmhDZkFSSXNBRnk4YnVJWl9TeWx5SHJkS2NnQS16YzZRYVdJTHpXSXhVZHdlazdZbHZZTzU4dDBwSS1nMmZQb0x4d2FBcXBwRUFMd193Y0I.*_gcl_dc*R0NMLjE2OTA5MTc0MzcuQ2owS0NRancycUttQmhDZkFSSXNBRnk4YnVJWl9TeWx5SHJkS2NnQS16YzZRYVdJTHpXSXhVZHdlazdZbHZZTzU4dDBwSS1nMmZQb0x4d2FBcXBwRUFMd193Y0I.*_gcl_au*MTQ0MjczOTQwNy4xNjkwOTE3NDM3

Or Apply in Person at 47711 Gundlach Rd Houghton, MI 49931